Things to expect on the launch of FCFS Staking and HODL

2 min readOct 6, 2021

After getting listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, there is huge support from the community and gained more exposure for the project. While staking and HODL sections of the platform launch are around the corner, we would like to give a basic ideology on what to expect and how to use the platform after launch.

FCFS staking model

FCFS is nothing but the First Come First Serve model that will be launched on our platform. Once the $PRB staking is enabled, users can stake their $PRB to get $PRB as a reward. The most important thing to notice is that this staking model is First Come First Serve basis. Users can stake only a limited number of $PRB that is allocated in the staking pool.

For example: If 1,000,000 $PRB is allocated in the staking pool with 100% APY, then the first 1,000,000 $PRB that is staked in the pool can participate in the staking pool. Once the limit is reached, the pool will not allow extra $PRB tokens to be staked.

This is the FCFS staking model that is introduced in the Premium Block platform. Another cool part is whenever a staked user decided to unstake, the pool will open for new users to stake their tokens for the amount of unstaked $PRB tokens.

This will enable fair use of the platform with limited opportunity to get involved in the staking.


HODL is a gamified staking model that will be introduced through the Premium Block platform. This will benefit average small-cap $PRB token holders to get rewards in BUSD.

For example: If a 100,000 $PRB holder wants to earn high rewards directly in stable coins, then that holder can deposit and stake the $PRB in HODL and make sure he/she is in the top position. 100k $PRB costs around 650$ in current market price. Staking just $650 worth of $PRB token for 7 days with top position can earn $100 worth of BUSD straight their wallet every week.

This gamified staking model gives high returns directly in stable coins for $PRB holder. This also directly impacts the Premium Block ecosystem to increase the value of $PRB and encourage small investors to participate.

For more info on HODL, please check the article here.

These are the things to be expected while launching the staking and HODL section of the Premium Block platform.

Stay tuned and stay safe!!!

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