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3 min readApr 17, 2022


Ludo Game is a popular Indian game with players of 2, 3, and 4 without partnerships. In the beginning, players will have 4 soldiers in their base. Dice will be given to players randomly at the start and players should roll the dice. Players should roll the dice and move the soldiers and take all four of them to the castle. The first player to take all four soldiers to the castle wins the match.

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The game begins with dice allocated to a random player. The player's turn will be in a clockwise direction. Four soldiers will be waiting in their base for their move. The following direction represents how the soldiers will move on the board and enter the castle at last.


The player’s soldier gets the chance of entering the pathway only when the player gets six on the dice. The player gets a chance every time to board the soldier on the pathway when they get six on the dice until all four soldiers are boarded.

Once the soldier(s) boarded on the pathway, they can move the soldiers according to the dice value. If the player has more than 1 soldier on the pathway, can choose to move any of the soldiers on the pathway. In a situation, if the opponent’s soldiers meet on the same spot, the last moved soldier will strike the opponent’s soldier which makes the opponent’s soldier go back to their base. If got strikes and moved to the base, then the player should roll 6 on the dice to be able to board the soldier on the pathway.

There are 2 safe spots on the pathway on all 4 sides, a total of 8 safe spots. When opponents’ soldiers stand on a safe spot, the opponent soldier cannot strike the soldier and should stand on the same spot of the pathway. When players roll 6 on the dice, they move the soldier six steps and also get another chance to roll the dice.

The player that tackles all hurdles and manages to take all 4 soldiers to the castle wins the game.


  1. Players should roll the dice to play the game.
  2. Players should get 6 on the dice to board the soldier on the pathway.
  3. Players get one extra chance whenever they roll 6 on the dice.
  4. Soldiers move according to the value of dice on each roll.
  5. Match proceeds in the clockwise direction.
  6. Soldiers can strike the opponent’s soldier if rolled the dice and share the same spot on the pathway.
  7. Soldiers can not strike the opponent’s soldier if they stand on a safe spot.
  8. When all 4 soldiers enter the castle, the player wins the match.

Note: The whole game works on the BSC network $PRB token to be able to play the game.

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