New Gamified HODL Feature

2 min readAug 15, 2021

We are pleased to announce gamified HODL feature that will be deployed along with the platform launch. Apart from earning opportunities from staking and farming, we are introducing gamified HODL feature with rewards. Here is a sneak peek of the actual model.

The HODL game is located under the EARN section. Unlike other rewarding systems, Premium Block rewards in BUSD tokens. This is an automatic gamified system where the reward will be dispersed to the top Hodler. A timer runs every week from Monday 12:00 am UTC to Sunday 11:59 pm UTC. Users can deposit their PRB holdings into the pool to rank higher. When the timer ends, the first user to have a higher PRB token will have the BUSD reward.

If you haven’t already joined our Telegram and Twitter, click here to join the conversation! Please also read this article for an introduction to our product showcase, a sneak peek of the MVP!

On some occasions, there will be both weekly contests running along with monthly contests simultaneously, where users can have more opportunities to earn big rewards.

Users can deposit and withdraw PRB tokens anytime. To get a higher position in the list, the user has to deposit the PRB token into the pool. There will be no locking system for the HODL game. Users can join the game anytime and withdraw the PRB token anytime. Only the timer count is taken into consideration.

There are more games yet to be announced. Stay tuned and stay safe!!

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